2. Disclosure Policy

Disclosure Policy

  • The Investment Corporation will conduct fair, timely and appropriate disclosure of material information regarding the Investment Corporation and the Asset Manager (including financial, social and environmental information). The purpose is to promote the understanding of a variety of stakeholders, such as unitholders, investors or local societies, regarding our company and to receive appropriate evaluations from them.
  • The Investment Corporation will comply with the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law, the Investment Trust and Investment Corporation Law, the Companies Act, other laws and regulations, as well as rules prescribed by Tokyo Stock Exchange and The Investment Trusts Association, Japan.
  • The Investment Corporation will make an effort to conduct fair disclosures, both in terms of content and time.
  • The Investment Corporation will make an effort to make easy-to-understand disclosures to more investors by making use of various information distribution methods, such as strategy investor meetings, telephone conferences, internet and various printed materials.
  • The Investment Corporation will prohibit disclosing of material information to specific third parties. In case of violation, the Investment Corporation shall promptly disclose the applicable material information utilizing various measures such as by posting the information on the Investment Corporation's website.