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(as of March 29, 2024)

Name of Property
Acqusition Price (Note 1) VR Tour
of Yen)
% of Total
(Note 2)
Total 468,886 100.0
  • Figures in the "Acqusition Price" column represent the trust beneficiary interest sales price (excluding consumption tax) for each property identified in the Trust Beneficiary Interest Purchase and Sales Agreement executed between the Investment Corporation and Beneficiaries.
  • Figures in the "% of Total" column are rounded down to the nearest first decimal place.
  • The amount represents the sales price of the land acquired on November 13, 2020 of 3,775 million yen stated in the sales agreement, plus the construction cost of 1,958 million yen.
  • Kandasudacho 2-Chome Development Site(land) indicates the acquisition price only for the development site.