2. Social Initiatives
  3. Disaster Prevention Efforts

Disaster Prevention Efforts

We have established BCP measures to ensure the safety of tenants, employees, and facility users and to enable them to continue important business operations in the event of an emergency, such as a disaster, in the property in our possession. In cooperation with property management companies and building management companies, we distribute disaster prevention and crime prevention booklets when tenants move in, post evacuation routes through digital signage in common areas, and conduct regular disaster prevention drills. In addition, AEDs, disaster relief vending machines, and emergency storage boxes in EVs have been installed on properties that can be installed.
Moreover, some of the properties in our possession are equipped with vibration isolation and vibration damping structures with superior earthquake resistance.

Distribution of bookmarks for
disaster prevention
and crime prevention
Display of evacuation routes
by digital signage
Installation of disaster
relief vending machines
(Daiwa Kitahama)
Elevator emergency goods box
(Daiwa Azabu Terrace)