2. Social Initiatives
  3. Efforts for Tenants

Tenant Satisfaction Surveys

We implement questionnaire surveys for tenants of our properties regularly (generally at least once every two years) and share the results (requests, issues, etc.) with property management companies for application to operational improvement in an effort to improve tenant satisfaction.

Example of tenant satisfaction survey

At the E SPACE TOWER, we renewed air conditioning facilities and renewed toilets (new small containers) in response to requests from tenants. As a result, we were able to confirm the increase in the satisfaction level of tenants in the survey after the measures were taken.

Installation of small containers in women's toilets

Tenant Comfort Improvement

We are renovating the common areas to improve comfort for our property tenants and facility users.

Renovated Entrance Hall
(Daiwa Shibuya Miyamasuzaka)

Renovated Entrance Hall
(Daiwa Tsukishima)

Tenant Safety & Security

In its facility operation, the Investment Corporation works to ensure the safety and security of its property tenants, facility users and visitors.

Countermeasures Against COVID-19

  • Displaying notices on safety measures
  • Installing disinfectants, air cleaners, etc.
  • Making sure that employees of building management and building cleaning companies thoroughly follow hygienic measures (face masks, hand-washing, disinfection, etc.).
  • Disinfecting common areas on a daily basis and establishing system for implementing disinfection in cooperation with administrative bodies when a COVID-19 case arises, etc.
  • Introducing VR previews of properties
  • Providing a vaccination site for tenants (Daiwa River Gate, Daiwa Ginza Annex)
  • Introducing Whiz, a disinfection and cleaning robot using AI technology