2. Social Initiatives
  3. Efforts for Community

Introduction of Sharing service

We installed a cycle port for cycle sharing and an e-scooter port on the building’s site and introduced car sharing, contributing to convenience for tenant employees, local residents and others.

Installation of cycle sharing port
(Shinjuku Maynds Tower)
Installation of e-scooter port
(Daiwa Tsukishima)

Installation of car sharing port

Kitchen Car Attraction

We attract kitchen cars to our property sites to improve office worker and local resident satisfaction and produce the area’s weekday lunchtime outdoor lively scene.

Attracted kitchen cars
(Daiwa Nakano-Sakaue)

Participation/Collaboration in Local Events

To coexist with and stimulate the areas around our properties, we contribute to the sustainable development of local communities by participating in and collaborating with the following community events organized by urban development councils and private sector groups.

Participated in Shinjuku Minami Lumi
(Shinjuku Maynds Tower)

Yokohama Portside District
Collaborated in an urban development council’s event “Hikari no Machizukuri”
(CONCURRED Yokohama)

Contribution to Local

The Asset Manager contributes to the improvement of convenience and area revitalization of tenant employees and local residents by participating in various councils on urban development, contributing to local events, and utilizing vacant land held by the Asset Manager.

Award for traffic safety
(Shinjuku Maynds Tower)

Charity & Volunteer Activities

The Asset Manager does “Jeans Day,” an initiative of the sponsor Daiwa Securities Group Inc. Since June 2021, employees can come to the office in casual wear such as polo shirts and jeans on Fridays, and a charity drive is held to aid those impacted by COVID-19 (on third Fridays).

Implement Jeans Day

Donation of surplus calendar / notebook

The Asset Manager conducts activities to donate calendars that are no longer needed in the company to organizations that are conducting activities to support disaster recovery and contribute to local communities.

Donation of irregular postcards and used stamps

The Asset Manager collects irregular postcards and used stamps, and conducts donation activities through NPOs and other organizations that conduct volunteer activities for international cooperation.

Providing Comfortable Office Environment

In June 2022, we opened a workspace for employees of Daiwa Securities Realty Co., Ltd., a Group company, in our owned property, Daiwa Ginza Building. As a next-generation office, we have a variety of free address spaces and private room booths that can be flexibly used.
Going forward, the Investment Corporation will continue to aim to provide a comfortable office environment that combines design and functionality in order to create new ways of working that lead to employee motivation and results.

Workspaces established for Daiwa Securities Realty employees
(Daiwa Ginza)

Engagement with investors

The Investment Corporation strives to proactively disclose information and be accountable to all stakeholders through IR activities. In order to promote understanding of the Investment Corporation, we hold individual meetings with domestic and foreign institutional investors, and hold seminars for individual investors.
The IR activities results from FY2020 to FY2021 are as follows.

Number of meetings and seminars

For institutional investors Domestic investors Foreign investors
Number of IR meetings in FY2020 88 59
Number of IR meetings in FY2021 116 54
For individual investors Seminars (Including online meetings)
Number of seminars held in FY2020 1
Number of seminars held in FY2021 3