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Daiwa Office Investment Corporation
Executive Director
Seiya Miyamoto
Daiwa Real Estate Asset Management Co. Ltd.
President and Representative Director
Yoshiki Nishigaki

Recognizing that emphasizing ESG, which are environmental consideration, social contribution and stronger organizational governance, upon promoting asset management business contributes to the enhancement of investment corporations’ corporate value over the medium to long term, the asset manager of the Investment Corporation (Daiwa Real Estate Asset Management Co. Ltd., the “Asset Manager”) has established a system to promote ESG through company-wide efforts.

The Asset Manager established the “Sustainability Promotion Committee” in 2014 and the “Policy Regarding ESG” in March 2019. Furthermore, through establishment of the Sustainability Promotion Office at the Asset Manager in June 2021 for further strengthening of initiatives on sustainability, sustainability initiatives have been promoted on an organizational basis, including strengthening of the authority of the Sustainability Promotion Committee.

The Investment Corporation has continuously participated in GRESB Real Estate Assessment since 2011 and acquired several environmental certifications and ratings by external evaluation organizations. It has been working to lower the environmental burden at its portfolio properties through effective utilization of limited resources, including energy saving, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, water saving and such. Furthermore, the Investment Corporation is determined to further enhance its corporate value while aiming to realize sustainable society by coordinating and working together with all stakeholders involved in the portfolio properties (investors, tenants, local communities, employee, etc.) by forming favorable relationships with them.

Policy Regarding ESG

The Investment Corporation will focus on the following items in the asset management for the Investment Corporation judging that emphasizing ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) contributes to the enhancement of the Investment Corporation's medium- to long-term corporate value.

1. Initiatives on Environmental Protection (Environment)

We will proactively promote initiatives on environmental protection including resource and energy-saving measures such as the introduction of facilities and equipment contributing to environmental protection at the properties owned.

2. Connection to Society (Social)

We will proactively disclose information and fulfill our accountability to all stakeholders through IR activities, etc. We will accomplish the social mission of an asset manager by providing high-quality and comfortable residential spaces for tenants. Moreover, in order to contribute to society through superior asset management, we strive to create a comfortable work environment that respects the work-life balance of executives and employees and at the same time endeavor to develop human resources through internal and external training.

3. Corporate Governance (Governance)

We will make highly transparent and reasonable decisions under laws and regulations and various rules while being aware of the importance of corporate ethics and compliance. In addition, the Asset Manager will work to strengthen internal control systems including avoidance of conflicts of interest and risk management and to train officers and employees in order to fulfill the duty of care and fiduciary duty.

Sustainability Promotion System

The Asset Manager has established the following organizational structure in order to implement the Policy Regarding ESG and continuously promote initiatives on sustainability.

Sustainability Promotion Committee


  • President and Representative Director (Chief Executive Officer for Sustainability Promotion)
  • Executive Managing Director
  • General Managers of DOI Investment Management Dept., DLI Investment Management Dept., Private REIT Investment Management Dept., and Private Fund Management Dept. (Chief Sustainability Officers)
  • Head of Sustainable Promotion Office
  • Compliance Officer
  • Others who are appointed by the Chief Executive Officer

(Contents of deliberation/reports, frequency, consideration process)

The Sustainability Promotion Committee is held regularly (once a month, in principle) in order to realize the policy and targets for sustainability. The committee deliberates matters such as management policies on sustainability, target setting, and their revision and abolition, and reports on the progress of the targets, etc.

Establishment of Sustainable Promotion Office

The Sustainable Promotion Office was newly established at the Asset Manager on June 1, 2021, to further strengthen initiatives on sustainability. Matters concerning ESG and SDGs of all investment corporations whose assets are managed by the Asset Manager and of the Asset Manager will be planned, drafted and executed organizationally by the office.

Establishment of Sustainability Promotion Policy

To enhance the effectiveness of our sustainability activities, we have established (1) Energy Conservation Policy, (2) Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Policy, (3) Water Saving Policy, and (4) Sustainable Procurement Policy, and a cooperative framework with each of our stakeholders.